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Winemaker TV is a joint project between Ian Burbage of Sunflower Media (a documentary film company) and Mark Aselstine of Uncorked Ventures (an online wine club).

We met during a Kindergarten play date, you know one of those things that the school sets up so the kids can get to know each other.  A confluence of factors led our oldest kids to be in the same class and because of overcrowding, they were at a site that normally houses preschool and transitional-kindergarten….but not standard Kindergarten (they got released to a regular site after a couple of days, but the horror of the story remains)

I bring that all up because there was only 15 families or so and the situation led to a lot more talking than would normally occur.

Ian and his family had recently relocated from Los Angeles, having grown up in San Diego myself it’s always nice to run into someone here in the Bay Area that understands the culture down south. After all, beaches are suppose to be warm, accessible and have sand, not rocks.

In any case, we got to talking and after a few months Ian made a nice intro video for my business.  The process was seamless

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